About us

Welcome to Flavour Nation!

We bring bakers a range of highly concentrated, next-level-delicious food flavouring that’s as versatile, as it is delish.

Flavour Nation essence can be used for flavouring anything from ice cream and hard candy (add us at the end when your not-boiling-anymore sugar comes off), to icing, macarons and chocolate. Your imagination is the limit! But nooooot recommended for use in body products. Your imagination needs to stay in the land of food and beverages! Soooorrrry! 

Along with providing reliable flavours for makin’ taste buds happy, our daily joy comes from using our socials as a mirror for our community; in hopes that our big, beautiful Bake Fam will be able to see just how truly talented, courageous and creative they are!

Bakers, thank you for doing what you do. You serve your own community using your creativity to bring edible joy to occasions that others wish to celebrate with sweetness. You give us purpose, and make us look GREAT!!!

Thank you to each and every person who has bought a li’l bottle of Flavour Nation flavouring. It’s an absolute pleasure to serve a community of creatives who invite us into their love-filled baking <3 

Dalene Ingham-Brown

Flavour Nation’s Mommy

About our product
Flavour Nation flavouring essence can be used in a wide range of food and beverage applications, and thrives in the presence of sweetness.

We leave the flavour boosting up to you. Flavour Nation flavouring delivers just flavour and needs the help of a sweet, salty or citrus element in order to help you bring your final recipe together.

Flavour Nation Flavouring Composition

  • Water-soluble (vanilla essence consistency)
  • No sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No vegetable oil
  • No stabilisers
  • GMO free
  • Nature identical fruit flavours (not natural extracts)
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Halaal-suitable
  • Contains no allergens (Nut flavours contain zero trace of nuts)
  • Non-nutritive

Base ingredients

  • Propylene glycol
  • Carbitol
  • Ethyl maltol


  • Not suitable for use in vape-products
  • Not suitable for use in body products