Simply Delicious Sugar-free Mixed Berry Chia Seed Pudding

19 July
Flavoured Mixed berries Chia Seed Pudduing

A sure favourite breakfast in the world of healthy living right now is chia seed pudding. It’s delicious, it’s low-carb and it’s filling! Nothing beats a deliciously healthy breakfast; and what better way to start your day with a flavourful bowl of added-sugar-free mixed berries chia seed pudding. How to make mixed berry chia seed pudding What […]

Flavour your average-tasting protein shake without adding calories

19 July
Flavour your own protein shake

So you believe in the wonderful benefits of supplementing with protein shakes, but are just so incredibly bored of the flavours on offer. The great news is that Flavour Nation flavouring is the perfect weapon to combat flavour bordem… without adding any calories! How to flavour your protein shake using Flavour Nation flavouring What you’ll need 1 […]

Flavour Your Water the Sugar-free Way

23 June
Flavour water sugar-free with Flavour Nation

Drinking 2 litres of water every day can be a painful task when you don’t like the taste of it. Adding a dash of your favourite fruity Flavour Nation flavour can help transform the taste of water for you and keep you on track with your health and hydration goals. The easiest way to flavour your […]

Sugar-free Strawberry Flavoured Milk

01 December
Sugar-free strawberry milkshake

There’s no better way of keeping your child’s love for a glass of the milky stuff alive by adding a little flavourful excitement to each glass. This recipe is as simple as adding sugar-free flavouring to a glass of milk. Easy peasy. Serves 1 Ingredients 250 ml Fresh milk 12 Drops of Flavour Nation strawberry […]

Summery Lime Soda Water Recipe

17 November
Flavour Nation lime flavouring in soda water

I’m a huge fan of citrus flavours, especially when there’s a little fizz involved. I’ve found that just adding a squirt of fresh lime juice to soda water just doesn’t do it for me. Regular lime juice usually carries quite a sharp taste that begs me to add some kind of sweetener to it, and I find lime […]