This November we’re celebrating Jozi bake goddess, Lee-Ann Naidoo as our Star Baker!

Lee-Ann has taken the bake scene by storm with her luxurious take on bakentrepreneurship! When it comes to Lee-Ann, a giant dose of passion is the very first, most essential ingredient in every recipe, and it’s in the mix long before the apron strings are even tied.  

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Sassy, and fiercely compassionate, Lee-Ann is baking her Indulge Sweet Treats empire, one decadent delight at a time; all while lovingly juggling her treasured responsibilities of being a dedicated wife and Mama Bear of three.

Lee-Ann carries a strong message in her work, that glitters in her wake: You can do it!

If there has been a little negative voice, camping out on your shoulder, planting seeds of doubt, preventing you from doing something your heart has been begging you to do… the glittering, good fairy is here to tell you that you can do it! If you’ve been looking for a sign – here it is!

Lee-Ann is all about empowering women; encouraging growth through embracing life’s challenges, showing us how it’s possible to rise and shine despite them.

We caught up with Lee-Ann and asked her to share her unique essence with us! Here’s what she said..

The secret to my success is to do everything with passion and heart. That’s when you truly create magic. I specialise in creating an experience that tantalises all your senses and captivates you. Food is fun and creating novel treats brings joy to me and my clients.

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Follow your bliss and let your passion ignite your soul and set it on fire! The universe favours a brave heart. We never know the destination but the journey is so worthwhile… and remember, do everything with sincere love!

There is something fierce and fabulous in all of us, and I admire how Lee-Ann uses those qualities in her unique recipe for success.

Keep up to date on what’s happening in Lee-Ann’s crazy-creative kitchen on Tiktok and Facebook.

Check out some of Lee-Ann Naidoo’s most recently themed Halloween spread!

lee-ann naidoo south african baker

Thank you for making Flavour Nation a part of your bake journey, Lee-Ann. We’re honoured!

Dalene and the Flavour Nation crew xoxo


P.S: Aaaaaand because I just can’t help myself, I slipped a Flavour Nation question in!

Dalene: Spill the beans! What’s your favourite Flavour Nation flavour?

Lee-Ann: I’d have to say Hugs and Kisses! That vanillary, buttery scent of heaven brings back childhood memories. Totally nostalgic!!!

*Dalene’s heart explodes with happiness*