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Choc Mint Crisp Essence

A combination of rich, creamy milk chocolate, and crisp peppermint means one thing – the ultimate choc mint flavouring fusion for food and drinks. Our Choc Mint Crisp is a flavour that we take great pride in; tasting spot-on to one of South Africa’s favourite chocolate bars.

Size: 20 ml (makes roughly 20 kilos/litres at a 0.1% dilution ratio)


  • Baked goods/icing
  • Tea/coffee/hot beverages
  • Porridge/oats/chia pudding
  • Milk/milkshakes/ice-cream
  • Yoghurt/shakes/

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Dilution Ratio: how many drops of Choc Mint Crisp do I use?

Here is a link to our awesome dilution ratio calculator! Our Choc Mint Crisp flavour is super duper strong, so we recommend you start by adding 0.1% of Choc Mint Crisp flavouring to your overall mixture. Don’t worry, our rad calculator does that 0.1% calculation for you 😉

As you’ll see from using the dilution ration calculator: if you have 250 grams of royal icing you would like to flavour, you will only need to add 8 drops of our highly concentrated flavouring to your icing mixture. If you have 1 kilo of icing that you’d like to flavour, you will only need 30 drops/1 ml of Flavour Nation Choc Mint Crisp essence to flavour your 1 kilo.

Once you have mixed the essence in, taste the mixture. If you feel like the flavour could be ramped up a little more, then dial up the dilution calculation to 0.2% using the calculator and add the difference. 

Our Choc Mint Crisp flavour is suuuuper highly concentrated though, so we definitely hope you take our advice and keep the ratio a low 0.1% and side step the temptation to over-flavour… which will result in a floral, not-so-lekker bitter taste.

Just flavour – We leave the sweetening up to you

Flavour Nation flavouring thrives when added to sweet mixtures! Our flavouring product delivers just flavour with no added sweetness, preservatives, or calories. It is not sweet, or syrupy which means we leave the sweetening up to you based on your healthy and dietary requirements. Getting the most out of your flavouring means adding it to a mixture that is either already sweetened (e.g. sweetened vanilla yoghurt, soda drinks, sweetened instant puddings, jelly, ice-cream, meal-replacement shakes), or that you are adding sweetness to yourself with the use of sugar, xylitol, or Flavour Nation sugar-free liquid sweetener (e.g. baking batter, icing, coffee, tea).

Lifestyle friendly flavouring

  • Diabetic-friendly
  • LCHF-friendly
  • Keto-friendly
  • Dukan-friendly
  • Halaal-suitable

Quality-focused sugar free flavouring

  • No preservatives
  • No colourants
  • No stabilisers
  • No sugar
  • No sweetener
  • No carbs
  • No vegetable oil

Type of flavouring

  • Nature identical flavouring
  • Water-soluble
  • Heat-stable


  • Propylene glycol
  • Water
  • Ethyl diglycol

Can I use Flavour Nation to make e-liquid?

Nope, nopety, nope. Even though our flavouring is suspended in propylene glycol, it is not suitable for use in the making of vaping industry products. It’s pretty dang amazeballs in edible, sweet treats though!

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